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Red women

This pose has been chosen from many sketches with a model, in transcendent passion, surrender and power. Largely with palette knife shaped with rough red strokes, the paint is thick on it. Format: 70 x 100 cm - Date: 06-2001.

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Carnival, start of the spring celebration in Rio de Janeiro. The queen (La Reina) proudly displays her decorated body. Format: 116 x 225 cm - Date: 08-1998.

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Sunken city

The nymph winding under water visits a sunken city. Realism and surealism in combination. This atmospheric large painting originated from studies with a model and photos. Format: 140 x 200 cm. - Date: 01-2013.

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Various ornamental shapes

These spontaneous shapes are cut from 4 mm wood. In a game of thick layers of paint, splashed and painted with pallet knife and brush, in bright colors, layer by layer. Two decorative shapes on a standard of wood. Size around 200 x 40 cm - Date 12 - 2002.

price exclusive shipping costs  €  725.00 price per piece
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Red women
Sunken City
Various onrnamental shapes

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