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This powerful ballerina strolls through the room with her skirt floating in a dream flight.
Format: 122 x 103 cm - Date 15 - 2019.

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The sweet struggle -  Sold

Man and woman form a unity and tension in the struggle of wanting to be together and loose.
Format 244 x 104 cm - Date: 05-2013.

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do you like this painting, i can make a new one from a new vibe. It is not my style to make an exact copy of a painting. If you want this, fill in the form below and I will make a proposal.

Joung ballerinas 

The 1930s, but also my love of ballet has always been a great source of inspiration for me. Painting inspired by a black-and-white photo of Alfred Eisenstaedt "School of American Ballet", New York. Size 140 x 122 cm - Date: 02-2014.

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The sweet struggle
Joung ballerinas

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