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Painting style

My strength is to display the personal in a painting, often in combination with a characteristic environment, the story behind the person. You are therefore not only assured of a (perfect) similarity, but also a (perfect) characteristic appearance and environment.

In all my work I use (naturally) high-quality (acrylic) paint. My painting style is based on layer-by-layer technique, my works sometimes consist of as many as 20 layers, in which I use glazing techniques (highly diluted layers on top of each other), creating deep and vivid colors that form different color shades under different light influences. I prefer to work in large formats (more than one meter).

A photo is also beautiful but is not the same as a painting:
7 differences between a photo and a painting:

  • You can highlight objects or people or place them in the shade
  • Strengthen character traits and change facial expressions
  • Backgrounds change according to your own insight
  • Increase or bring dimensions of objects and people closer
  • Make a (big) difference between what you observe up close and what shows very differently from a distance
  • Make colors so that they change due to different lighting conditions
  • Feeling structure in a painting

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