"" A painting must touch, capture the soul of the person, then the story comes to life. "

My style can be described as nostalgic, iconic, romantic, warm and averse to false sentiment. This originated from the roots of my life.

Because what a creative wealth I received in my childhood. With a father who played as a bass player in Jazz bands, and a mother who was an idol of films. As a result, I have developed a broad taste for film and music and in particular the beauty of it, the details in old Hitchcock films, the Clair-obscur of Orson Welles, Bebop Jazz with all the icons that heated our living room from records, radio and TV.

Already at a young age I discovered that I was able to draw well and surprised teachers and fellow students. Only later did I hear that my great-grandfather, from my mother's side, was Johan Frans Tulling, a well-known sculptor in the 1920s in Rotterdam. I must have gotten through my artificial roots through him.

The inspiration for 'painting' arose around my 16th thanks to my first employer at the time. He had a style of painting in the atmosphere of "The Hague School" (19th century). Thanks to him, my color palette has been formed, from which I have not deviated much.

Painting skills are no longer a challenge, but depth and character continue to develop

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