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You want to order a painting on commission, but you want to know in advance what it will cost. The form below gives an indication of this. Everything is of course in close consultation. Additional travel costs, photo sessions or a list are calculated separately and are not included in this indication.

We need some information from you to be able to provide you with an exact quotation. Describe what you have in mind, for example the subject. a portrait of your children or yourself. The color scheme, the size of the work etc. To make it easy for you, we have created the form below, I will always call you to discuss your wishes.

Please complete the form below with any information. photo (s) of where you want a painting and press the send button. I will contact you as soon as possible to go through everything and give advice.

How do you determine the format

Choosing the right format for a painting is sometimes difficult and of course the size also influences the price. To make it a little easier, I have listed some formats with some tips for you. After you have made a choice, I will discuss this with you to see if the format is suitable for the subject that I can paint for you.

50 x 40 cm Painting

A 50 x 40 cm painting is ideal for a portrait in which there is still room to add a background. It is less suitable to paint someone up to the waist or to depict two people.

format 50 x 40 cm
Price E 675,-
No shippingcosts

50 x 70 cm Painting

A 50 x 70 cm painting is ideal to display just a little more detail around it, it is not very large and therefore fits well in a corner.

format 50 x 70 cm
Price E 900,-
Ask for the Shippingcost

70 x 100 cm Painting

A 70 x 100 cm painting is perfect to give color and atmosphere to a smaller wall. On this size you can make a duo portrait or a close up that impresses with its size. It is often exciting to portray a face (a lot) larger than reality.

size 70 x 100 cm
Price E 1.275,-
Ask for the Shippingcost

95 x 95 cm Painting

A 95 x 95 cm painting has a playful effect in the interior because of the square shape and because there is the same amount of space on all sides, it mainly offers possibilities for a beautiful close-up. Where it concerns a person this comes out well.

format 95 x 95 cm
PriceE  1.425
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120 x 85 cm Painting

A 120 x 85 cm Painting, an ideal format for an impressive scene that immediately breaks a large wall and brings color to the interior.

format 120 x 85 cm
Price E 1.537,50
Ask for the Shippingcost

120 x 140 cm Painting

With a painting of 120 x 140 cm there is plenty of room to measure a scene broadly and also to space. You can think of: a stage, a skyline, a group of people ect.

format 120 x 140 cm
Price E 1.950
Ask for the Shippingcost

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