How does a painting look in my interior?

A painting must fit a space, so I can advise you on this without obligation; so are you curious about how one or more paintings fit your interior?
Upload some photos of the desired room (s) and I make an impression, without obligation, of how a painting or paintings fit into that room. Use the form below. Please indicate in the message the size of each wall for the correct proportions and a realistic result.

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Nice to hear that you like a painting!

Please enter your details and I will make an impression without obligation of how a painting is on your wall. Don't forget to make some clear photos of where you want the painting. If you want an impression of more paintings, please indicate this in the message.


Fer Overdijk

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3024 EL Rotterdam
The Netherlands
P: +31 6-18169629

From which painting do you want an impression
Marilyn Monroe
Johnnie Cash
Bob Dylan
Miles Davis
Chet Baker
Thelonious Monk
Charlie Parker
Billie Hliday
Ella Fitzgerald
John Coltrane
Keith Jarrettt
Aritha Franklin
Chick Corea
Beyoncé Knowles
Louis Armstrong
Bill Evans
Cornelis Vreeswijk
Nat King Cole
Just Friends
Chet & Halema
John & Alice
The Sweet Struggle
Young Ballerinas
Sunken City
Red `Woman
Ornamental Shapes
Mauro & Tadeo
David & Isabella
Father & SUn