Atmospheric paintings with a story, that's what I make.

You can think of:

  • Your favorite film or music star in a portrait or scene
  • Your lover or you together in a characteristic environment
  • Your children or a family portrait
  • The founder of a company or the directors
  • A landscape or building
  • If someone has reached a certain age that you want to record
  • A beautiful painting of your wedding day
  • An honorable memory of a deceased person

My strength lies in painting the personal and characteristic, in an environment characteristic of the portrait (s) portrayed.


  • I paint on the basis of a photo or a compilation of photos. I make a composition of it myself
  • If you do not have any photos but you have an idea to have a painting made of something, I can also use this for example. sketches come to a composition
  • If you have completed the form with or without a photo in the attachment, I will contact you to discuss your wishes

The basis is that I would like to hear the background of the subject that you want to have a painting made of. So that you get something that best reflects your idea.


  • The price is determined by the formula: length + width x 7.50 euros. A painting of 70 x 100 cm comes to 1275 euros (70 + 100 x 7.5 = 1,275).
  • Any travel costs or photo sessions are calculated separately. I can also provide a frame for the painting.

When I start working for you, I ask you to make a deposit of 50%. For more information see the page payment and shipping.

Three examples of commissioned work:

Commissioned work: 'Imena'

This painting was created on the basis of a few thoughts that the customer had about color, subject and size. There was a lot of freedom in this assignment, which was exciting at the same time. At those moments I am happy that I can zoom in on someone's wishes and that is almost always the case. After a pencil sketch, this is further elaborated with an occasional intermediate phase to coordinate.

Commissioned work: 'John & Alice Coltrane'

This assignment came from my father who, like me, is a big fan of Coltrane. A nice journey that we have taken together to achieve this result. As (almost) always I start from a black-and-white image and I think of background etc. in order not to make a copy of a photo and not to be distracted. become the photo but let the painting take the lead.

Commissioned work: 'Dylan's Heavens Door'

For a Bob Dylan fan I have been able to make this beautiful assignment, an image that appeals to me enormously because it is not immediately the Dylan that everyone knows. Here he is working on his iron sculpture: 'Heavens Door', an image that was later also used for his own Whiskey brand.

I have chosen this photo with the client because he is one with his work here. The work has been received with great enthusiasm and is now hanging somewhere in Sweden. Unfortunately I had not made any pictures of the intermediate phase.

© Paintings with a story

Atmospheric paintings with a story, that's what I make.

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