An attractive painting, portrait at home or for your company. I make it for you.

Various subjects are possible eg: cityscapes, landscapes, animals, a portrait of, for example, the founder of a company, your favorite film hero or musician. If you have a sharp photo, that is the starting point. For (group) portraits I prefer a photo session. In all my work I naturally use high quality (acrylic) paint.

My painting style is based on layer-over-layer technique, I use pointillation techniques, short stripes or paint with a palette knife and hands. My works often consist of as many as 20 layers where I use glazing techniques (highly diluted layers), creating deep and vibrant colors that form different hues under different light influences. I prefer to work in large formats (more than one meter).

All paintings on this website are for sale. The price is determined with the rule of thumb: length + width x 5 euros. The price of a portrait with the sizes 70 x 100 cm is 850 euros (70 + 100 x 5 = 850).

All prices are exclusive Shippingcosts

Some of the paintings on this website are made up of dots (pointillism). This is a nice but also very time-consuming technique, so I charge 10 euros for this (length + width x 10). Everything is of course in close consultation. 

If you have a suitable sharp photo yourself, I can use it to make a painting, whether this is a portrait, a cityscape or any other subject. You can also upload a photo via the form.

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Nice to hear that I can make a painting for you!

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