Atmospheric paintings with a story, that's what I make.

Think of:

Your favorite film / music star in a portrait or scene
Your lover or a couple portrait in a characteristic environment
Your children or a family portrait
The founder of a company or the board members
A landscape or building
If someone has reached a certain age that you want to record
A beautiful painting of your wedding day
As an honor and memory of a deceased person
My strength is to display the personal and characteristic in a painting, often in combination with a characteristic environment.


The price is determined with the rule of thumb: length + width x 7.50 euros. A painting of 70 x 100 cm comes to 1275 euros (70 + 100 x 7.5 = 1,275).

Everything is of course in close consultation. Additional travel costs, photo sessions or a list are calculated separately.

See also chapter payment and shipping


If you have a suitable sharp photo yourself, I can use it to make a painting, whether this is a portrait, a cityscape or any other subject. You can also upload a photo via the form

If you want to pose then this is of course also possible, keep in mind that you have to sit still for a long time (although with intermediate positions) and still have to take pictures for the color and characteristic details.

© Paintings with a story

Atmospheric paintings with a story, that's what I make.

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