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Iloisa (private collection)

Portrait of Iloisa my dear wife and mother of our children. I know every detail of her face through and through and this comes to life in five ways from the short stripes and points that make up everything: "The hair that merges into the background. The wood that stands for Growth, movement, development and renewal The natural background of greenery and leaves forms the life cycle and fertility. The sparkle of her character that radiates and gives love."
layers. Format: 93 x 94 cm - Date: 06-2013.

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Mauro & Tadeo (private collection)

How wonderful it is to make a painting of our children, really amazing. It was difficult because of their mobility, so in the end three photos were compiled into one image. The background forms a natural part that turns into the bank with our two sons on it. Both completely different in character and appearance. This also makes it nice to paint in which I really crawl into the character. And by painting my sons I even saw more layers of their characters.
Format: 122 x 82 cm - Date: 07-2018.

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Annechien Steenhuizen (Sold)

The story behind this painting is: As part of 100 years of Rembrandt, a competition was set to make a portrait of the program's presentation (also known from the 8:00 pm news, for which she posed for 20 minutes in a live stream. Unfortunately I was just not among the first 10 in the 1,600 entries. But it has been given a nice place by a customer.
Size: 70 x 100 cm - Date: 03 - 2019.

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David & Isabella

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini with a challenging image full of power and excitement; a loving soft grip to her neck with powerful hands. She surrenders in softness and relies literally on his direction. The tension between the two is enhanced by the palpable attraction.

Isabella has always felt attracted to directors. David was also called "Tsar of Bizarre". That's why I painted David's head from a wide-angle lens to enhance the "bizarre" effect. This image is from the set of "Blue Velvet" even before they had a short relationship.
Format: 122 x 104 - Date: 07-2015.

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Imena  (Sold)

Imena (dreamer) With her dreamy but powerful look she kisses the evening sun that warms her face, the magic circle (Mandala) behind her shows her way and her dream. Just like the face, the Mandala was created from the subconscious mind; I first painted her and from this image came the Mandala that suits her in color and shape. Her skin changes color due to the light and when it is dusk. This painting was a beautiful spiritual search.
Size: 122 x 83 cm - Date: 03 - 2019.

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Do you like this painting by 'Imena', I can make a new one in the same vibe. Not exactly the same because that is not my style, I make it in the same 'vibe' but slightly different. 

Father and Sun

It remains a special experience how a painting is created. There is a rough plan, a rough example usually a black and white image, the rest arises. The story, the faces, the colors, the clothing, the scene and the story.

No love is greater than the love of parents, a primordial concept. The warmth from the father to his son, who holds his child totally undisturbed. He also has no reason for fear and does not even know it. The boy notices the piercing eyes of the soldier behind him, a jealous look from the shadow that has something threatening. However, he is standing with his arms crossed, he is protecting himself and he knows that he is lower in hierarchy. The child is full of heavenly light - if it were an angel - and is protected by his chain with four-leaf clover, with a ruby ​​in the middle, the stone of kings and makes a hand gesture of protection against calamity with his small hands.

The boy does not, however, protect himself but his father, from close by the boy does not look anxious but rather brave.
Size 122 x 83 cm - Date: 03-2019.

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This painting has three layers: Up close a friendly face threatening from a distance and mystical in the dark.

The heroic archangel Michael with his liberating sword as patron and victor of evil powers. With his overwhelming golden light he conquers the dark. He cuts the negative ethereal (fear) cords with his sword and frees you from it. Enables us to think in equality as a free person.

When I made the painting I felt enormously inspired, free and let the purifying spiritual light flow. A powerful and large painting that opened, that keeps everything clean and protects you. the fiery masculine shines like the sun that doesn't become dull. The kingship and the divine in pure form. A nice search in color, atmosphere, appearance and achieving the right effect.
Size 110 x 155 cm - Date: 06-2019.

price excluding shipping costs: €  1.987.50
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