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Sunken City


Red Women

Ornamental Shapes

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This powerful ballerina strolls through the room with her skirt, floating in a dream flight. The translucent fabric dances with her. She does not wear pointed her bare feet look battered and injured. During the dance, however, she is so ecstatic that she feels nothing but euphoria and passion for ballet. The background seems to dance with her in muted colors; the trail of her skirt hits the ground, while her hair, in a bun, frees itself and blends into the background. She dances full of passion and in control with her body and mind. The moment I painted this I experienced the same.
Format: 122 x 103 cm - Date 15 - 2019.

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The sweet struggle  (Sold)

This large painting is the symbolic story of the sweet love struggle. Man and woman form a unity and tension in the struggle of wanting to be together and loose. These angels in figurative abstraction form water and fire, ascend and come together again. The paint is thick on the wood and the colors are bright. A powerful flaming expression. The left-hand part 'the woman' was made earlier and only a few years later the man followed and the idea came together like a puzzle piece.
Format 244 x 104 cm - Date: 05-2013.

Sold and than?

Do you like this painting by 'The Sweet Struggle'? I can make a new one in the same atmosphere. Not exactly the same because that is not my style, so I make it a bit different.

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Joung ballerinas

The American dream' was still alive in the 1950s with these young ballerinas. They were chosen to become big and lived their dream. Looking over New York in the fog, but this fog pulls up in their imagination and they only see the romance, the glamor and they want to shine in the lead. Which only a few strokes. One ballerina faces the viewer and even looks beyond that, is out of the imagination of what "may come", she is non-dual in the here and now.
Size 140 x 122 cm - Date: 02-2014.

price excluding shipping costs: €  2.620,00
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Sunken city

The nymph winding under water visits a sunken city. Realism and surrealism in combination. This atmospheric large painting originated from studies with a model and photos. The attitude is virtually impossible and this impossible has been reinforced in surrealism. What could be better than mixing reality and fantasy, which is always possible with painting. The somewhat hard forms of Art-deco in the background have been softened by turning it into wood and creating graceful curl shapes. This reinforces the curly shape of the body, a body made entirely of dots and short stripes. Use has been made of over 20 layers, so that the body changes color under different light conditions.

Skin is a mirror, this is literally enhanced here. Sometimes it turns pink, sometimes green and sometimes yellow again, but it still retains the character of skin. The tension is in her hands, toes and her face, which is completely in the shade. Quite a large work, which was made with intermediate positions in a few years. This painting works best on a large and high wall.
Format: 140 x 200 cm. - Date: 01-2013.

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Like a Phoenix, she rises from the earth with her feather headdress. It is inspired by the Carnival, the start of the spring celebration in Rio de Janeiro. The queen (La Reina) shows off her decorated body. The feathers are curls attached to her back to accentuate the beautiful curve of her body line. Her feet are in strings moving with her body. Her skin is painted with stripes that reinforce the lines. Everything literally moves and dances along in this meter-high work.

Technical Details: This pose has been chosen from many sketches with a model, everything else is fantasy painted by heart and heart.
Format: 116 x 225 cm - Date: 08-1998.

price excluding shipping costs: €  2.557,50
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Red women

This ode to the woman in her splendor and power forms a rich interplay of rough regions, stylishly represented. But it also symbolizes freedom and independence, it proudly flaws for who it is. Her face is not visible, so that the viewer can think of it.

Technical Details: This pose has been chosen from many sketches with a model, this most represented the transcending passion, surrender and power. Largely with palette knife shaped with rough red strokes, the paint is thick on it. This paintings is on canvas.
Format: 70 x 100 cm - Date: 06-2001.

price excluding shipping costs: €  1.275,00
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Ornamental Shapes

These spontaneous shapes are cut from 4 mm wood. In a game of thick layers of paint, splashed and painted with pallet knife and brush, in bright colors, layer by layer. The purpose of these forms is purely decorative and gives color to the house or space. The shapes are set per 2 on a standard (one set) and bend forward a little, making it look like a huge plant.
Size around 200 x 40 cm - Date 12 - 2002.

price excluding shipping costs: €  1.095,00
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