"My art is the expression of what I am
My spiritual connection, my skills, my being. "

For 30 years I have been painting with more and more inspiration. My specialty is to show and capture the story behind each painting. In this way I take the role of the character and scene, so to speak. Each painting is for me a wonderful quest for distinctive and characteristic details. Each portrait and scene also tells its own story that brings it to life. Like an old Whiskey, it must mature, rotated and treated with care. Only then will it get rich tones, color and character. That is why I also work on wood and not on canvas. With wood I can scratch, sand and control the structure and surface.  Read more

© Paintings with a story

what story can I paint for you?

It makes me happy to paint and to make something beautiful to people. A good painting touches, deepens and makes you happy or inspired, every time you look at it.

Tell me what you want and I will paint it.


Fer Overdijk

Art Gallery:
Cronjéstraat 11
3072 XK Rotterdam
T: +31 (0) 6-18169629